LaTeX Templates

If you have not used LaTeX before or you are beginning to use it, you can try these templates.


First, install the software in your computer. I recommend you to use MiKTeX and TeXnicCenter. Both are free. You can open the document MiKTeX and TeXnicCenter Installation (.pdf) and follow the instructions to install these software.


Then, you have to open Article (.pdf), select all the content, copy and paste it in a TeXnicCenter file. Save the TeXnicCenter file with the name of your choice in a folder of your choice. After that, save Figure1 (.jpg) and Figure2 (.jpg) in the same folder. It is very important they will be in the same folder. Save bibliography (.txt) in the base folder. To have access to the base folder you need to follow the following path, C -> Program Files -> MiKTeX -> bibtex -> bib -> base.


To build and see the file in pdf, you have to click "Build and view current file" or press Ctrl + Shift + F5. You have to do this 3 times to see the citations in the pdf file.

MiKTeX and TeXnicCenter Installation.pdf
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